ROI Calculator: Return on Investment for Sales Outsourcing

Measuring success for your sales outsourcing isn’t that straightforward. There are variables that just can’t be taken into account. Outbound prospecting increases product awareness instantly. Not only that, it usually raises awareness with the right people, who then start talking about your solution. Depending on the industry, prospects might also share information with colleagues working in other companies. All of this might lead into opportunities months later.
Another important function is to gather market intelligence. Sometimes you might wonder why certain products or services are not growing like they should. During 1:1 exchanges prospects will usually tell you the real reason they are not buying which makes it easier for you to adapt to market needs.

Having said that, this calculator doesn’t take these soft indicators into account. Strictly speaking, it’s not even specifically about sales outsourcing. It rather gives you an idea if and when hiring sales people makes sense.

Lastly: Although sales folks tend to make lots of promises, we at ᵘʸSALES like to tell you how it is. ᵘʸSALES guarantees you maximum care and effort. However, there really is no guarantee in sales. Estimates in regard to meetings are just that, estimates. Products and industries are different. Therefore, with every industry and product, sales outreach results can vary immensely.
We are aware of all of that. Therefore, instead of forcing clients into paying a lump sum of money beforehand, we are big believers into sharing sales risks as much as possible. We don’t only work based on monthly retainers. There is also a commission. No meeting, no commission.